There are plenty of affordable options near OHSU's Hillsboro campus

So you're taking the property plunge when you move to the Portland area for graduate school, and why not? Portland and the surrounding suburbs are growing quickly, and your investment may pay off when you finish school and move on to a bigger place.

If you're planning to attend the Oregon Health & Science University and will be taking classes at the West Campus, don't think you can't afford a nice one- or two-bedroom condo in this posh area. Homes for sale in Hillsboro, OR, can be expensive, but townhouses and units in multi-family buildings in the eastern part of town are relatively inexpensive - about the same range as comparable units to the east of downtown Portland.

For between $100,000 and $125,000, you can find a standard-sized one-bedroom condo with outdoor space, a private entrance and easy access to both the West Campus and downtown Portland. If you want a garage, an extra bedroom or other features such as luxury finishes or a semi-detached unit, you'll find plenty of MLS listings in Hillsboro, OR, in the $150,000 to $200,000 range within biking distance of OHSU.