Store your RV or boat while your Vancouver home is listed

No matter how much you love to camp and boat, storing large vehicles at your home while on the MLS listings in Vancouver, WA, can drive away homebuyers. These behemoths can block the view of your house, yard or back property as well as detract from the overall aesthetic of your home.

Large vehicle storage can be surprisingly inexpensive, and if the removal of your RV from your driveway helps to sell your house, you won't need to rent space for long before you can tow it to your new property. Check out East Vancouver RV and Boat Storage, found on the south side of Pacific Community Park at the intersection of Northeast 172nd Avenue and 12th Street. In addition to both open and covered storage facilities, they offer complimentary use of their air compressor and wash station.

If you'll be taking your boat straight out of the river or want easy highway access, try Iron Gate Storage on Northeast 112th Avenue near the Southeast Mill Plain Boulevard exit off of Interstate 205. Their reasonable rates will help you clear your driveway, back yard or garage of your RV or boat while your real estate agent lists your home on the Vancouver, WA real estate market.