Scope out the Mandarin Chinese food options in Portland, OR

If you’re looking for high-quality fare of the Mandarin Chinese variety, consider buying a home off the MLS listings in Portland, OR. The City of Roses has welcomed Asian cuisine and made it a vital part of the local dining options. With an emphasis on fresh and healthy ingredients, residents are privy to delicious cuisine.

Mandarin Cove, located at the corner of Southwest Jefferson Street and Southwest 1st Avenue, offers authentic meal options. Open since 1980, delivery and catering are available for those who enjoy Kung Pao chicken, prawns in hot Mandarin sauce and even Szechuan pork. With dinners and lunches served for under $15, the Mandarin Cove is an affordable meal option for locals.

The Mandarin Palace Restaurant is another viable option located at 9225 Southwest Allen Road. The sprawling restaurant includes a lounge for easy evening dining, a pool table and a full bar. The beef with oyster sauce and ma pa tofu are delectable remedies to a long week at work.

The Portland real estate market offers plenty of homes within easy driving distance to these local favorites.