Reframe and properly place wall hangings in houses for sale in Beaverton, OR

Real estate experts recommend depersonalizing your home to help it sell, but you may not want to take down all of your family portraits and favorite wall hangings, either because they mean too much to you or because you don't want to invest in neutral, standard prints to fill the empty space. You don't need to wipe your walls completely clean of yourself and your family when you join the MLS listings in Beaverton, OR - you can simply do some strategic rearranging.

Matching and complementary frames can make normal snapshots look like photographic works of art. There are a number of spots to pick up inexpensive frames in town, including the Marshalls and T.J. Maxx in the Canyon Place shopping center. Look for similar finishes - the shape and style don't need to match.

Once you replace your mismatched frames, clump similar photos together to create large groupings on your walls. This will leave empty wall space to make the rooms feel larger and give your home a more contemporary, modern feel regardless of your architectural and decorating style.

Homes for sale in Beaverton, OR are popular with families, so a few personal items on the wall may be welcoming to a large number of buyers - just be sure to avoid covering large amounts of wall space with homemade-looking hangings or small, spread-out snapshots.