Quickly spruce up your kitchen cupboards for a better listing

Your Beaverton, OR real estate listing may show better to prospective buyers with some quick, easy and inexpensive kitchen fixes.

The kitchen is a deciding factor for many homebuyers. An otherwise perfect house can sit for months on the MLS listings in Beaverton if the cupboards need work, and cracked finishes or out-of-style colors can make an entire kitchen look dated.

Enlist the services of a contractor if home improvement isn't for you. Craftsman Construction is located just south of central Beaverton on Denney Road (exit 3 on Route 217) and specializes in renovations and green construction practices.

You can dress up your older kitchen cupboards on your own, however, to save some money. As this project doesn't involve power tools or changing any plumbing or electrical wires, you can probably complete it without obtaining a building permit from the city.

Simply remove the hardware and doors, clean them thoroughly, lay them out on a tarp or cloth in a well-ventilated area and spray or brush-paint them with a durable finish. If the previous finish was a high gloss, you may want to sand the surface evenly and then apply a coat of primer. Check out the local Lowe's in nearby Hillsboro for good deals on the necessary supplies.