Pro-health initiatives in Portland are attractive

No one wants to live in a city with poor healthcare facilities, and therefore many people choose an area to take advantage of quality healthcare. It is not uncommon to hear that potential homebuyers evaluate the quality of the healthcare initiatives and services within a metro before selecting the region as a potential place in which to settle down. Portland, Oregon, in particular, offers residents access to plenty of private and public healthcare facilities and initiatives, which could attract potential buyers to one of the homes for sale in Portland.

In addition to the quality medical institutions available around the city, the metro has an active local government that works to pass municipal initiatives to benefit the health of locals.

Portland Council invests in residents' teeth
Portland's City Council recently unanimously voted to add fluoride to the city's drinking water, the Portland Business Journal reports. While the City Council debated the subject, a private group called the Clean Water PAC worked to place the decision on a public ballot by accruing the 19,858 signatures the cause required.

However, it looks like the efforts were unneeded, as the City Council has agreed to pay at least $5 million to treat the metro's water supply with fluoride. When broken down, the cost of the health addition is expected to be about $6 per family in Portland, which will pay for a fluoridation facility that will charge 64 cents a year per family to run.

"Fluoride is supported by a broad coalition of public health, medical, and community-based organizations," said City Commissioner Nick Fish, in a statement. "In fact, virtually every mainstream health organization that has weighed in supports fluoridation. Fluoride will benefit all of our kids, regardless of race or income. An alarming number in children in Oregon, roughly one in three, suffer from serious tooth decay. This is morally unacceptable."

According to the United States Department of Health and Human Services, water fluoridation prevents tooth decay by providing teeth with consistent, low-level contact with fluoride. Experts believe that water fluoridation reduces a person's tooth decay by approximately 25 percent over the course of an individual's lifetime.

Programs passed by Portland's City Council such as this one help make living in the metro an even better experience.