Prepare woodwork to help list homes for sale in Beaverton, OR

If you want to save some money on basic renovations for your Beaverton, OR real estate listing, you can paint more than just the walls yourself. Older Beaverton homes often have original woodwork that may be damaged or in need of a fresh coat of paint, and to impress buyers looking for their suburban dream home, you'll want your baseboards, trim and window casings to be in tip-top shape.

You'll be competing against newer homes and freshly renovated properties on the MLS listings in Beaverton, OR. A professional painting service can help you achieve the luxury look buyers will be looking for, but to save yourself a considerable amount of time, head to a local supply store such as the Sherwin-Williams on Center Street.

Pick up a tube of wood filler for nicks and divots in your woodwork. Be sure to sand the existing paint before applying the putty to help it stick, and allow it to dry before re-sanding.

A semi-gloss or gloss paint is best for woodwork, and you'll want a small, angled brush for detail work. Painter's tape can help you avoid mistakes on walls and floors, but this project will definitely require patience to get the perfect finish - and it'll be worth it when buyers see your gleaming trim and fresh-looking windows.