Prepare for the wet weather by repainting your car in Vancouver, WA

If you’re parking your car in front of the home you just purchased off the Vancouver, WA real estate market, you want it to look as fabulous as possible to not detract from the property. A dirty car is not an appealing accessory in the driveway. However, the rate of rainfall for the region can make it difficult to maintain a vehicle. A new paint job from local professionals can help prevent rust from developing on susceptible areas such as the wheel well, bumper or tailgate.

Located at 2736 Northeast Andresen Road is Maaco Collision Center. Behind the K-Mart and only a few minutes down the road from Route 500, this local business specializes in giving your vehicle a sparkling finish. Whether you are looking for whole car or spot protection, this shop offers a competitive wax finish to protect against the kicks and dings that can allow water to seep through the paint and cause rust.

Ron’s Auto Body and Paint at 16211 Southeast 1st Street, is an expanded operations collision center that has focused its attention on painting. The experts can match the current color of your vehicle for a localized paint job, can craft specialized graphics such as flames and stripes, and can do the whole vehicle.