Parking moving trucks and containers after selling homes for sale in Portland

Moving from an urban neighborhood can be a challenge due to traffic, narrow streets and parking restrictions. You can explore a few options to make your move easier once you've sold your Portland real estate.

Portland offers temporary parking permits specifically for residential moves and construction and utility projects. You can reserve one of these permits for either metered or open spaces. For non-metered areas, you'll even be granted "no parking" signs to display on the day of your temporary permit, which the city will enforce similar to a standard parking ban. The permit application can be found online.

A separate permit application is necessary for a portable storage container, which you can park on your street for up to 14 days. You won't be able to use metered spaces or place your unit in front of a non-residential zone, but on-site rented storage can make your move less rushed and remove the need to rent a truck. Check the application for other restrictions before reserving a storage container, as there are often restrictions pertaining to street width and proximity to an intersection.

The PODS portable storage container company has a Portland branch just off Interstate 5, adjacent to the Expo Center on North Marine Drive.