Make the most of your Alphabet Historic District designation on the Portland real estate market

Your Nob Hill home is among the most desirable houses for sale in Portland just for its location alone, but you can further entice buyers by properly restoring and showing off the historic elements of your property.

Whether or not your home carries a historic designation, being in the Nob Hill Historic Alphabet District will attract real estate agents who are working to find their clients homes that burst with character and history. The first step is to find out if your listing can be advertised as historic.

Check the National Register to determine if you have an official designation, then take a look at the city's Alphabet Historic District map to make sure your listing falls within the designated zone. It's roughly bordered by 24th and 17th Avenues to the east and west and Kearney and Burnside Streets to the north and south.

If your house would require significant repairs for most buyers to be happy, make a list of priorities and tackle as many projects as are realistic based on your budget. A leaky roof or rotting floor joists could have a big impact on the profit margins of your home sale. Be more judicious with your surface upgrades, such as replacing the original wallpaper, because potential buyers might appreciate the authenticity of your Nob Hill home's historic accents.