Living in Portland

If you’re buying a home in Portland, you are probably already familiar with some of the city’s unique qualities such as its growing art scene, tree-lined streets and active lifestyle. You’ll also be glad to know that Portland property listings consist of a wide variety of real estate for homebuyers, including everything from large historic houses to modern, stylish lofts.


One of the more popular areas in Portland is a neighborhood called Sunnyside, which is also known as the Hawthorne district. Located in the southeast part of the city, Sunnyside is filled with local businesses, including bookstores, restaurants, shops, bars and many other unique, privately owned businesses. The Sunnyside area is definitely one of the more walkable and pedestrian-friendly areas.

What’s more  sunnyside has several historic landmarks, including the Bagdad Theatre, a movie theatre that opened in 1927 and is known for hosting the premiere gala for One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.

Recognized for its energetic vibe, this neighborhood is primarily populated by young people, including many singles as well as young couples. The Portland property listings for Sunnyside largely consist of older homes, including Victorian-style houses and bungalows. These houses are usually fall between $300,000 and $450,000, depending on the size and condition of the home.

South Waterfront

If you’re buying a home in Portland and you’re looking for newer amenities, the South Waterfront neighborhood might be right for you. The newest neighborhood in the city, South Waterfront is located right on the Willamette River and lies just south of downtown Portland.

In addition to being a short 5-7 minute drive from the downtown area, South Waterfront also includes several offices for the Oregon Health and Science University, making the area especially convenient for faculty and staff members of the university.

Because the South Waterfront neighborhood is so new, there is still ongoing construction that will help further improve the area. The city is implementing a greenway that will include a park, a gravel beach and other recreational areas for residents and visitors. There are also several public transportation options currently in place to serve South Waterfront residents, including a streetcar, an aerial tram and plans for a footbridge.

Portland property listings for South Waterfront consist of units in several new high-rise condo buildings, including Meriwether Towers, Atwater Place and John Ross. Many of these units offer beautiful views of the water, premium amenities and well-appointed designs.

The population of the neighborhood is still continuing to change and grow, but many of the residents of South Waterfront are retirees, employees of the Oregon Health and Science University or homeowners who prefer the convenience of condo ownership to owning a house. There is also a population of students who are renting units in some of the newer apartment buildings in in the area.

When you’re buying a home in Portland you have many opportunities to find the living space that suits your individual situation. Whether you’re interested in high-rise waterfront living, charming historic houses or a home that’s somewhere in between, you will certainly find something to love in the Portland property listings.

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