Listing homes for sale in Vancouver, WA, with tenants may be easier than you think

Selling a property with tenants doesn't have to be difficult when you list your Vancouver, WA real estate. If you follow the proper guidelines laid out by the state and take steps to keep the house in pristine condition, it may be just as easy as if you were living there yourself.

Washington requires landlords to give a two-day notice to enter a leased property occupied by tenants. You real estate agent will be aware of this rule and do her best to work around your renters' schedules, but it may be easier to sell the property if it's vacant. Consider offering your renters an incentive to end their lease early, such as helping with moving costs or offering to waive one month's rent. The small financial setback will be worthwhile if it helps you get top dollar for your listing.

If your tenants are agreeable and you don't anticipate any problems with arranging showings, you may still be worried about the state of the property when your agent brings potential buyers around. The Wall Street Journal recommends offering to hire a maid service for the duration of your home's time on the market, which will help keep the place clean and would be considered a benefit by many renters.

Check out the Washington Landlord Association for further details on your and your tenant's rights concerning houses for sale in Vancouver, WA.