Keep visiting family comfortable in a bed and breakfast in Portland, OR

If you have a close extended family that likes to visit, consider checking them into a bed and breakfast near the house you bought on the Portland, OR real estate market. Events such as holidays, graduations and birthdays can all bring a family together, but if your house built for a family of four can’t handle the extra inhabitants for a long weekend, a local housing establishment can help.

The Lion and the Rose, located at 1810 Northeast 15th Avenue, is a 1906 Queen Anne mansion listed on the National Registry of Historic Places. It has eight bedrooms, each with its own bathroom and fully equipped with modern commodities such as high speed wireless internet, cable and telephones.

The Heron Haus Bed and Breakfast, located at 2545 Northwest Westover Road, is an adorable cottage open all year round. Partnered with Pedal Bike Tours, it is located near the Rose and Japanese Gardens. The large bar windows, inviting patio and modern amenities provide a pleasant stay.