Houses for sale in Gresham, OR, should be presented as child-friendly

Families love Gresham, OR real estate for the open spaces and large houses available at lower prices than many Portland neighborhoods and surrounding suburbs. If your house doesn't appear child-friendly, you may be missing out on buyers with young kids whose first thoughts are of their children's safety and how easily they can create a safe environment once they move in.

Start by looking at your porches and decks. Wooden surfaces shouldn't be a splinter factory, so if yours is in rough shape, consider washing and sanding it. You can rent a power sander at your local Home Depot on Stark Street in Troutdale or the Lowes on Wood Village Boulevard, and with a few coats of sealant, you'll have a fresh-looking deck that won't worry parents.

You can make the interior of your home appeal to families by showing off how child-friendly it can be. Use window treatments that don't reach below the sill and make sure all strings and poles are out of sight.

Get rid of hazardous furniture if you can - that glass-top table is probably out of style anyway. It's always best to display minimal personal items, and packing away breakables will both save them from little fingers and help Mom and Dad imagine their kids roaming their new home safely.