Houses for sale in Gresham, OR, can benefit from the right major renovations

Your Gresham, OR real estate listing will appear more marketable with the right addition or remodeling project. Many upgrades will add more to your home value than they'll cost, while others are necessary fixes to pull potential buyers from your target demographic. 

Consider a full renovation if your kitchen or bathrooms are in a state of disrepair - these areas can often make or break a property for potential buyers. Your REALTOR will be able to offer you an expert opinion on the project's potential benefits to your listing price and ability to quickly sell. You'll need a building permit for all but minor repairs, so if you're taking on anything that involves plumbing, significant electric wiring or structural changes, go to Gresham's permit application website to apply.

You'll also need a permit when adding a deck more than 30 inches above the ground, as well as for the addition or subtraction of walls inside or out. Consult with your REALTOR before investing in this type of renovation, as an exterior deck or a new interior wall could actually serve as a detraction for some buyers.

Master Builders & Restoration, a well-rated contractor located near Gresham center, can help you both determine the most effective design for your major renovation project and then calculate the approximate cost.