Food and drink culture in Portland thrives

Potential homebuyers who consider themselves foodies may want to check out the houses for sale in Portland. The food and drink culture in Portland is unique, and residents can find whatever dish they are looking for without much trouble.

Fantastic food options in Portland
Finding something to eat in a city is rarely difficult. However, if you're dedicated to eating well, it can sometimes be a little harder to find a dining establishment that is affordable. This situation is not the case in Portland.

The city has been lauded as "America's foodiest small town" by Bon Appetit and "one of the best places to eat in the Northeast" by The New York Times. The culinary bounty in Portland is beyond scrumptious. Due to the city's location, chefs are able to get their hands on various types of seafood and beautiful greens grown in the valleys surrounding the local area. The famous Rosemont Market and other farmers' markets allow residents and culinary professionals to select fresh ingredients for a true from the farm to the table experience.

The beer in Portland
If you're over 21, you're in luck, because Portland offers a wide range of quality brews. The microbrew culture is alive and strong in the metro, and it could be tempting to stop at your local pub after work with friends due to the quality beers on tap.

"There's a huge craft brewing movement - every month there's a new small craft brewery opening," Rebecca Boyles, a co-owner of the tasting bar Beer Revolution, told The New York Times.

In fact, some local brewing companies are taking on the challenge of cultivating their product right in Oregon.

The Portland Business Journal reports that craft brew company Rogue Ale initially made the decision to go "all-Oregon" in the making of some of the company's beers in 2008, and since then the company has reported success. The business purchases hop and barley fields in Tygh Valley and Independence, Oregon to help increase production of customer favorites such as single malt ale, single malt whiskey, lager pilsner and mead. 

This is just one example of a company dedicating itself toward producing beverages locally from the start to finish.