Find a tailor in Beaverton, OR

After buying one of the homes for sale in Beaverton, OR, it is time to celebrate by hosting a party. If you need a new outfit, chances are it will not fit without a bit of tailoring. Consider hiring a local professional to hem and stitch your clothes to cut a dapper figure.

Kim’s Tailor Shop, located at 3100 Southwest Cedar Hills Boulevard, is a small, unassuming property that is well worth the trip. Mr. Kim works hard to give his customer’s top-notch tailoring for a reasonable price. However, bring your wallet or check book, as customers are required to pay up front for the work.

Pierre Custom Clothiers, located at 16270 Southwest Cormorant Court, offers service dedicated to tailoring your clothing to the finest cut for you. Pierre Mohan and his employees have provided service for over 35 years. Prices range greatly and are dependent on the fabric and work required. A custom tailored sport jacket can range from $380 to $850.