Family friendly neighborhoods in Portland

Portland, Oregon is a city that still clings to its modest roots and holds a certain aesthetic charm that many other cities have lost to urban sprawl and overdevelopment. If you are looking at buying a home in Portland, you need not search very hard to find something appealing. Whether you are looking to raise a family, or simply need to relocate for work; this city has a bevy of offerings that Portland homebuyers are likely to love.

With Portland homebuyers, the city is widely recognized as one of the safest metropolitan areas in the country. In fact, in 2009, Portland was ranked as the third safest city in the country. Due to low crime rates in the city, Portland is host to many family friendly neighborhoods, including the Pearl District, Northwest Portland, and Arlington Heights.

As mentioned, the Pearl District is one of the most family friendly neighborhoods in Portland. While it can be a bit pricey, the high-rise and converted industrial condos in the Pearl District host some of the best views of Willamette River.

If high-rise condos are not what you are looking for, perhaps Arlington Heights is a more suitable alternative for you. The Arlington Heights neighborhood offers a wide selection of upscale single-family homes and is well known for containing some of the most luxurious real estate in Oregon.  With convenient access to some of Oregon's most famous Parks, Arlington Heights is one of the most desirable locations in Portland, Oregon.  Situated in the West Hills of Portland, this neighborhood provides residents with breathtaking views of the Cascade Mountains as well as the downtown city lights. 

Either one of the aforementioned neighborhoods boast low crime rates and family friendly atmospheres. However, depending on the neighborhood you choose, your children may be designated to any one of the six school districts in the Portland city limits. Odds are, you will fall under the Portland Public Schools, which is not only the largest school district in the State of Oregon, but it is also the largest in the entire Pacific Northwest. In addition to the city's largest school district, there are also five other smaller districts scattered throughout the city and its surrounding areas. For instance, the Reynolds School District is the city's second largest, and serves certain areas of Portland, as well as, several surrounding cities and suburbs. For Portland homebuyers, these two districts are the most widely attended throughout the various neighborhoods.

If you are buying a home in Portland, the daily traffic conditions may be a concern for you, and subsequently affect where you look to buy a house. Not to worry, however, as commuter traffic throughout the City of Portland is generally mild, and for those wishing to forego the automobile commute, Portland has an excellent public transportation system centered around the MAX Light Rail system. Downtown Portland also has a fleet of streetcars that run from the North to the South end of the city.


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