Explore the local farmer's market for fresh produce in Beaverton, OR

Home of the farm-to-plate tradition, Oregon's rich history includes plentiful farmers' markets. Consider finding a home off the MLS listings in Beaverton, OR to be close. Running errands at a locally supplied goods market can improve the entire food shopping experience if you are interested in supporting the community. 

Running from early spring to late fall, you can find bountiful fruits and vegetables, grass-fed beef and hand-crafted artisan treats. The Beaverton Farmers' Market is celebrating its 25th year of connecting the community with local growers and artisan food producers in 2012. There are over 180 vendor booths ready and waiting to display a variety of products.

If you're looking to diversify your produce or go organic, the farmers' market hosts everything your may need. So, consider skipping your weekly trip to the store and venture down to a local market gathering - it could become your favorite task.

Farmer's markets provide ample opportunity to explore and meet new people while picking up a few things for tomorrow's dinner from local suppliers.