Do you need carpet cleaning to sell your home in Vancouver, WA?

If you're trying to make your house stand out from other homes for sale in Vancouver, WA, carpet cleaning may be part of the answer. Carpets not only hold onto dirt, but will soak up any scents favorable or not. Therefore, it may be a good idea to clean those carpets before holding an open house. Pets, food spills and mold can all make a carpet release unappealing odors in the home.

Mountain View Carpet Care is IICRC certified and experienced in residential and commercial carpet cleaning. With an advanced system, the experts will have your carpets smelling fresh and clean as if they were brand new. The business even boasts a 100 percent money-back guarantee or a second visit from the professionals if you are not completely satisfied.

Checkmate Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning is IICRC certified and features a 12-step process. The service involves a pre-inspection, pre-vacuum, pre-spot, pre-spray, pre-groom, hot water extract, dupont teflon, final groom, foam blocks and foil tabs, aeration to aid the drying process and a final inspection.

If your home is competing with other homes for sales in Vancouver, WA to attract buyers, carpeting cleaning could help by making the flooring seem like new and removing any unwanted odors.