Deleading to appeal to the Portland real estate market

If you're one of the many downtown-area homeowners with houses for sale in Portland, consider taking an extra step to attract more buyers and help ensure their safety.

A large number of houses on the east side of the river are old enough to contain lead paint. If your property hasn't undergone significant renovations since the 1970s, there's a chance your woodwork has a layer or more of lead paint underneath the most recent treatments.

You're not required by law to remove the lead before selling, but families with young children will be looking for deleaded homes - which means they may pass yours up if you're advertising an older house without a certified deleading.

If you choose to undertake the project, AA Maintenance near Tigard is a licensed lead abatement contractor that is compliant with the latest Environmental Protection Agency standards. Don't attempt to chip, sand or wash lead paint away yourself, as this can be dangerous to your health and should be left to a licensed contractor.

Since deleading can be a worthwhile but costly investment, ask your real estate agent if replacing all of your older windows during the same project would benefit your asking price.