A deep cleaning helps show a dated kitchen in older homes for sale in Portland

If you live in one of the older homes for sale in Portland, you'll find many buyers interested in your listing for its historical character and architectural charm. Your dated kitchen won't turn many heads, however, so be sure to clean it like never before when preparing to put it on the MLS listings in Portland.

Begin with the exteriors of your cupboards. Even if they look clean, the doors and frames may have years of greasy build-up that dulls their finish and attracts dust. You can find cleaners made specifically for kitchen cupboards at your local hardware store that will cut through the thickest grime and won't damage the finish. You may need to unscrew the hardware to completely clean the surface, and these can be polished more easily when detached.

Move to the inside of the cupboards, where serious buyers are sure to inspect. Get rid of contact paper and drawer liners, as these can appear to be hiding something. Vacuum the surfaces before cleaning to get rid of dust and debris and try to keep food storage limited and well-organized when you're done.

The rest of the surfaces in your older kitchen can be cleaned as you normally would, but make sure to keep it immaculate at all times - if you're lucky, your real estate agent will be showing your home often!