Is a credit union in Vancouver right for you?

More than a few consumers find credit unions a preferable financial institution, but if you are looking for a local branch after purchasing one of the homes for sale in Vancouver, WA you may be in luck. Credit unions are member-owned financial cooperatives that are controlled through democratically elected representatives. There are a number of them located throughout Vancouver that offer a wide range of monetary services.

The Columbia Credit Union has a branch at 703 Broadway Street and holds annual meetings for the members to attend if they wish. To become a member, you must work in Washington State or Jantzen Beach/Hayden Island, OR, or you can be related to an eligible person. Once a member, you can leave the area for a variety of reasons and still retain membership.

The People’s Community Federal Credit Union located at 7403 Northeast Hazel Dell Avenue is staffed by volunteers to keep operating costs low. Since 1952, this credit union has been working to provide members with the financial tools they need to succeed. The credit union offers a unique loyalty checking and savings account for those that meet a few qualifications such as debit transactions, signing up for e-statements and online bill paying.