Clean, de-cluttered closets help move houses for sale in Vancouver, WA

Now that your house is on the Vancouver, WA real estate market, it's time to finally de-clutter your closets. Whether your storage spaces are generally pristine or cluttered, they should be spotless when it comes time to show your home to sellers.

Keep in mind that your home is likely to be on the market for several weeks or months, so the organizational plan you arrive at should be sustainable. 

Stackable matching storage containers can help keep your closets and storage areas tidy and organized. Inexpensive solutions are available at the Ikea just across the river by the airport or right in town at the Bed Bath & Beyond in Vancouver Plaza.

If there are items that you'd like to keep but that you don't plan to use for some time, make your storage areas look especially spacious by renting a storage locker or asking friends and relatives to hold on to a few boxes.

If you feel like you're in need of professional help, visit the website of the Oregon chapter of the National Association of Professional Organizers. The non-profit organization can put you in touch with several well-recommended Portland-based organizers.