Check out tips and rules for selling Portland real estate with tenants

Selling a home often requires changes to your lifestyle, from keeping the interior spotless for showings to arranging and storing your belongings to best show off the space. Listing homes for sale in Portland can be more of a challenge if you rent to tenants, however, as they may not be as inclined to take the necessary steps to help you sell.

You may want to offer your renters an incentive for keeping the property in perfect shape for showings. If they damaged part of the home during their residency, for example, you could offer to return the entire security deposit in exchange for a well-maintained interior during the listing's duration on the market.

When you and your real estate agent want to show the property, be sure to comply with state tenant privacy and landlord access laws. You're expected to give at least 24 hours notice to enter the property, unless you and your renters agree to shorter (or no) notice and sign an agreement. This may be another benefit you can take advantage of by offering an incentive to the tenants.

If the renters of your Portland real estate prove difficult to deal with, you may want to remind them of the 24-hour notice stipulation and point them in the direction of the state bar association's publication on the subject. While they can refuse you entry due to extenuating circumstances, you may be able to take legal action if the situation is effecting your ability to sell.