Celebrate a home sale with barbecue in Gresham, OR

To celebrate the purchase of one of the houses for sale in Gresham, OR, take a trip down to a local barbecue joint. Nothing says success like getting messy with a mouth-watering stack of ribs. Whether you are in the mood for Texan spice or Tennessee smoke roast, Gresham is home to a variety of quality restaurants.

Get a little taste of Texas at Busters Texas Style Barbecue at 1355 Northeast Burnside Road. Run by authentic Texans, the restaurant’s specialties include the smoky ribs and beef brisket. Open seven days a week, this venue offers the opportunity to get your fill of dry-rubbed, slow-cooked goodness.

Outlaw Barbecue at 408 Northwest Burnside Road is only a few blocks from the Gresham High School, behind the baseball fields. The restaurant’s specialties include St. Louis ribs, smoked meatloaf and pulled pork. Nothing fills someone up quite like a 16 hours hickory smoked beef brisket on a large bulky roll and topped with onions and cheese.

Consider venturing to one of these local venues to get a taste of the local barbecue culture in Gresham, OR.