Beaverton, OR: 1000 Acres of Green Space Makes for Idyllic Family Living

Though I make my home in the city of Portland, I am very aware of the Portland metro offering more than one city for more than one kind of homebuyer.  Beaverton, for example, attracts many families because it’s an affordable community to buy a home in, as well as a vibrant one.  In terms of ease of living, general convenience, and the slower, less hectic pace of Beaverton, you might call it a suburb (and indeed, it is close to the big city of Portland). Beaverton has its own industry-- Nike, for example, headquarters there.  But truly, because Beaverton is so incredibly green, the living is more rural than anything-- in this case, upscale rural, with the full spectrum of culture and activities a family wants. But it’s the green space that I'll focus on for this blog.

It would be hard to buy a home in Beaverton that didn’t have the great outdoors for a backyard, since the city boasts 100 parks and ten times as many acres of green space. In those 100 parks, I've sampled some of the 30 miles of hilly trails for hiking, 25 miles of dedicated bike paths, abundant forests and rivers for exploring and play, and wetlands for close commune with nature. It will take me a long time to explore all of it, but that's a challenge my dog and I thrive on.

This photo of Common Wealth Pond (where you can fish!) in Cedar Hills Park is just a taste of the nature you'll find in Beaverton.

Check out these numbers, which come the “Welcome to Beaverton” official webpage:  “There is a park located within a half mile of every home.” Not surprising in a city so dedicated to open space, farmland also abounds in Beaverton, and the Farmer’s Market brings the fruit (and veggies, cheese, breads, soap, fish, and more!) of this local labor to residents from early summer to early fall.

Like other city's in the geographically blessed Portland metro, Beaverton also offers quick escape to Oregon’s other natural playgrounds as well. Take an hour’s drive to the Pacific Ocean for a day on the beach; go the opposite direction for the same amount of time and you’re at Mount Hood for skiing or summer mountain adventure.

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