Bake to impress potential homebuyers in Hillsboro

If you are getting ready to put your home on the competitive Hillsboro, OR real estate market, consider incorporating some quick and easy home staging tips in your open house routine. Making your house as homey as possible can attract potential buyers and can be simple to accomplish.

Begin by whipping up a baked good that can fill your home with delicious scents. Treats such as chocolate chip cookies, apple pie and brownies are staples and waft a smell that is often correlated to feelings of warmth and comfort. If you’re too busy or don’t know how to bake, consider ordering one of these baked goods from a local bakery and ask for it to be fresh from the oven for pick up.

Perfection Baker Inc. located at 675 Southeast Baseline Street offers customers made-to-order treats as well as those precooked and waiting on display. The cakes, eclairs and sacher torte are all delicious and affordable. Their cinnamon roll may be an ideal item for home showings during the winter months, especially around Christmas.

If your baked items need to smell good and meet diet restrictions, consider Great Harvest Bread Co. This bakery offers gluten free, whole grain breads, cookies and brownies. The business opened in 2004, and since then has developed a family-friendly bakery that’s ready to serve you excellent fare.