Are you a crafting machine? Portland offers the supplies and groups you may need to get the project done

What’s your hobby? Extreme crafters know that dedicating a room of your house bought off the Portland, OR real estate market to projects is not out of the question. Craft rooms are a great place to store materials, keep extended projects out and even find peace from pets or family.

If you’re looking to fill the room with Portland-made furniture, consider visiting the Portico located 3630 Southeast Division. Crafted by local artisans, you can have a space filled with high-quality table tops or shelves. If you want something a bit more special, consider getting the furniture custom made.

After customizing your craft room, you can fill it with supplies from a local retailer. Crafty Wonderland at 808 Southwest 10th Avenue is right across from the Central Library. You can not only find the tools and supplies you want, but also meet other crafty people and attend group meetings to learn new skills.