Alberta Arts District rates high with childless couples

Couples looking for new digs that don’t have children may want to check out the neighborhood known as the Alberta Arts District. According to MSN Real Estate, it is an up-and-coming community that caters to serving those in their 20s and 30s with plenty of shopping, restaurants and things to see and do. Check out the MLS listings in Portland to gain access to this community as it transforms.

Located in Portland’s northeast quadrant, all of the street addresses are prefaced with "N.E.," according to Travel Portland. It features a diverse neighborhood culture made up of many Asian, Latino and African American businesses.

"[Alberta] has got a grungy, indie kind of vibe. It’s definitely on its way up," Bert Sperling, a local resident , told MSN Real Estate.

The neighborhood is largely comprised of older single-family homes. As a result of its new status as a place undergoing a transformation, the median home value is $185,300, states the source. Additionally, the average annual household income in the area is $39,993. However, experts predict these figures will go up as the community further develops.