Where do exurbanites go to live closer to Phoenix?

If you’re an exurbanite looking to live closer to the city, consider searching for houses for sale in Phoenix’s community of Scottsdale. The term "exurbanite" was coined to describe the affluent members of a metro community that live in regions lying beyond the suburbs of a city. Scottsdale is the ideal location for exurbanites who wish to move closer to the city and love to shop in high-end stores, eat in classy restaurants and visit art galleries in their free time.

According to the data provided by the city, Scottsdale has seen a nearly 10 percent increase in population since 2000 and is expected to grow to 243,200 people by 2015. The median house hold income was $83,969 and the median age for residents was 40.7 years old. In addition, 46 percent of individuals 25 and older have at least a bachelor’s degree, which is significantly higher than state or national averages.

The average listing price for the week ending on April 11 was $807,515, which is a level it has hovered around for the past couple of weeks. However, before April, homes in this area were increasingly growing in price and this is expected to continue in fits and spurts throughout the year – following the national trend.