Upcoming fiscal year’s budget released for Phoenix

An active community and a well-balanced budget for a metro can represent the strength and vitality of the area. Potential homebuyers may wish to consider purchasing one of the houses for sale in Phoenix after learning about the proposed expenditures and savings city officials are leveraging.

According to the city’s website, more than 500 comments were received at 17 budget hearings. Some of the comments were through emails, letters and social media following Phoenix’s first ever online budget hearing for the 2012-2013 proposal.

Included in the document were an increase in police and fire service, improvements to street maintenance, extensions to public library hours and longer hours at community swimming pools. Community-conscious expenditures such as these can make residents happy to call Phoenix their home.

"The 2012-13 budget is structurally balanced, and no direct cuts to community services or financial transactions are necessary to balance the budget.  In fact, I am proposing to the Mayor and City Council $6.9 million in service additions and $5 million for street repair and maintenance," said City Manager David Cavazos.

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