Truck route will improve noise pollution in Maricopa

A proposed truck route would make living in Maricopa County more quiet and less dusty. The $6.2 million project that begins along 112th Avenue and Rose Garden Lane and ends at 107th Avenue and Pinnacle Peak Road would reduce the amount of sand and gravel trucks that currently use Beardsley Road west of 99th Avenue in Peoria. This project will make real estate in Phoenix and its surroundings even more appealing.

Local residents continually complained about the noise, fumes and dust that 940-plus trucks created in their estimated daily 1,250 trips through the area. Construction of the new road will begin in March 2013 and is estimated to be finished in 10 months. Once open, the route is expected to cut down traffic by 50 percent.

“The Agua Fria Truck Route Reliever will reduce noise, dust and pollution for all our nearby communities,” Chairman Max Wilson said. “This is a great example of the county and Peoria working together to find a pragmatic and collaborative solution to an issue affecting the quality of life of both city and unincorporated county residents.”

The 1.7 mile alternative route will include one travel lane with a paved shoulder on each side and will be accessible by truck drivers and other motorists at Rose Garden Lane and 107th Avenue.