Rankings: Arizona one of the top 10 states for business

Phoenix ranked 10th in the Chief Executive’s eighth annual Best and Worst States to work in list. This may encourage residents to look at houses for sale in Phoenix and move closer to work. Increased job opportunities will improve the overall market quality for the metro area.

Based on the survey of 650 CEOs, Arizona received four out of five stars for taxation and regulations, workforce quality and living environment. According to feedback, entrepreneurial activity has surged in the area and companies hope for personal-property tax relief. The state-local tax burden of Arizona in comparison to the nation average show that the state is in favor of encouraging new industry. The tax rate in Arizona is 8.67 percent in comparison to the national average of 9.8 percent – a 1.13 percent difference, reports the source.

"Arizona provides the best bottom line operating environment and the least regulation – so that business needs get met. It’s an overlooked west coast location," said one CEO, according to Chief Executive.

Potential homebuyers may wish to consider local industry levels in the area when they are searching the MLS listings in Phoenix for a property.