Phoenix schools will increase rigor

Schools across Phoenix are working to strengthen their mathematics program in the upcoming year, which is just one part of the effort to improve education in the metropolitan area. Families looking for real estate in Phoenix will enjoy the increased challenges that will make students more college and career ready.

A recent report by the Annie E. Casey Foundation found the state was ranked low in its education system, which caused concern among parents in the area. This is just one of the things the city is doing to gain more interest to the area and ensure current residents are there to stay.

Beginning with the Class of 2013, Arizona schools will require students to take an extra year of math to prepare for more difficult standards in 2014 and increase proficiency across the state. The increased requirements will sharpen analytical skills to solve complex problems. The addition of a math course will greatly affect schools with higher dropout rates and fewer college bound students.

Marie O’Hara, senior research associate for Achieve, a school-reform group that has been an advocate for more rigorous graduation requirements for a long time, said, “We want them to have the greatest array of opportunities upon graduation.”