Million dollar research facility is cultural hub

After two delays, the Irish Cultural Center’s research facility had its soft opening on June 15. The castle-like building that has been under construction for a year will finally open its doors to the public as the McClelland Library at the Irish Cultural Center.

Homebuyers looking for real estate in Phoenix will have genealogy research opportunities at their fingertips in the 3-story, 15,000-square-foot facility. The building will house more than 6,000 books on Irish and Celtic heritage, historical manuscripts, vintage photographs and multiple paintings. A unique attraction for people of Irish descent is the abundance of tomes.

The facade of the building features beautiful stone in true Irish fashion, and was unveiled just a couple months ago. Stone carvers from Ireland meticulously crafted the stone from Ireland in the $3.5 million project.

Traveling exhibits, such as performers, art installations and movies will allow residents to delve deeper into their genealogy.

Originally timed to open in coordination with St. Patrick’s Day, several setbacks occurred throughout the duration of the construction, including the untimely death of the general contractor overseeing the project. After finding a new project head and workers, the project began to come together as a new major attraction for the city.