Homebuyers making offers without seeing Phoenix properties

Recent trends show investors making bids on multiple houses for sale in Phoenix without ever seeing them, according the Phoenix Business Journal. Once the bids have been accepted by the homeowner, the potential buyer will travel to the property and check it out and then decide if he or she wants the property.

"They're waiting to put in offers sight unseen, probably multiple homes, then they come down here and pick the one they like," Jeff Whittmeier, home seller, told AZFamily.com.

As a result of the new trend, local residents searching the MLS listings in Phoenix for a new home may have to competitively bid on properties to ensure they get the one they want. If you do not get the initial property you made an offer on, the increased inventory in Phoenix may provide many different housing options in a wide array of neighborhoods.

According to ALTOSResearch, the median price for a single-family detached home was $161,142 as of May 13, 2012.

Finding the right house for you may take time, but the plentiful options and affordable prices will soon provide the right opportunity.