Green construction hits Phoenix as local CEO tests out modern sustainable structures

As green construction grows in popularity, more people will be looking to move into a sustainable structure – and that is just what one CEO did. Houses for sale in Phoenix may feature a number of energy-efficient fixtures and technologies, yet none are quite like this. Tom Kelley, president and CEO of Schaller Anderson, moved into a v100 Mod Box – one of three extremely environmentally friendly homes in Phoenix, the Phoenix Business Journal reports.

Located at 749 South Second St. the home is essentially two 10-foot cubes with an 8 x 10 foot covered patio in between, according to the news source. While the structure was designed as a high-end luxury home, everything inside the unit uses limited energy and was made entirely from recycled or recyclable materials.

According to McGraw-Hill Construction, the value of green building construction increased from $42 billion in 2008 to $55 billion in 2010. The market is expected to increase exponentially and reach $135 billion by 2015.

Consider searching for energy-efficient homes on the MLS listings in Phoenix if you want to reduce your carbon footprint and your utility costs.