Glendale will remain the home of the Coyotes

Located just outside of the Phoenix city limits, Glendale is becoming an increasingly popular city in the metropolitan area. Part of Glendale's popularity is due to the town being home to the Phoenix Coyotes, so homebuyers looking for real estate in Phoenix, AZ, may pay a bit more for the convenience of a favorite home team arena.

On June 1, Glendale approved a taxpayer-funded deal to keep the team in the city for the next 20 years. The $17 million deal is the first of its kind in professional sports in the Valley and in the National Hockey League. Efforts to transform the city into a sports destination have mostly been met with positive feedback from residents.

Although residents and government are footing the bill to keep the team there, a study cited by KTAR newsroom noted that the city of Glendale is likely gaining more through the investment in the team and arena than it is losing. If the Coyotes left, the arena wouldn’t generate as much revenue for the city and property values would decline.