County takes initiative to rid mosquitoes

Ever since the first reported human case of West Nile in Maricopa County, Arizona this season, the Maricopa County Public Health and Environmental Services departments have been working diligently to rid the area of the pesky bugs.

Residents and those looking for real estate in Phoenix, AZ, should rest assured the “Fight the Bite” campaign is a serious effort to rid the area of diseases. Current attempts to rid the county of the disease include fogging areas of the valley and the use of mosquito trapping.

After the high number of cases in 2011 and 2010, the state is taking an extra step to ensure that this year is not the same. Officials received complaints of abandoned pools with algae-filled water that served as breeding grounds for mosquitoes. City members have already planned several fogs of these pools between the hours of midnight and 5 a.m., because most residents are in their homes at this time.

Officials are heading straight to the source in some green-water pools - as the abandoned pools are called - that contain mosquito larvae. In some cases, the algae can be eradicated by a specialist adding a fish into the pool to eat the green growth.