Suburban Wayne is an attractive option for many homebuyers

If you start a conversation with someone about the suburbs, you can never be sure what response you will get. Some people reflexively equate the suburbs with a boring, staid existence, while others will likely talk your ear off about the reflective, family-based pleasures of a less urban existence. Either way, when deciding whether to move to a given region, it is useful to have as complete a picture of the area as possible. This is especially true for the City of Brotherly Love, which is surrounded by a ring of desirable communities. People thinking about buying one of the homes for sale in Philadelphia, PA, should read on to learn about Wayne, one of the most popular towns near the city. 

Get to know Wayne
Originally settled by a group of Quakers in the 1660s, the Radnor Township, of which Wayne is a part, is a popular choice for growing families due to its community-minded residents and proximity to Philadelphia. The region grew rapidly in the 1960s and '70s when development increased. The township's high rate of owner-occupied homes (nearly two-thirds, according to the community's official website) gives it an established and social feeling, accentuated by the frequent town-wide activities and events.

Although most communities in the township are considered to have strong education programs, Wayne is particularly known for its renowned school system and safe environment. According to Philadelphia Magazine, the town's average SAT scores are near the top of the pack, and its rate of 0.64 violent crimes per 1,000 residents helps people feel safe in the environment.

Historically, Wayne has earned a reputation of having a more well-off, slightly older resident base, but many believe this is changing in favor of a younger, more active set.

"For a while, Wayne had a stigma as older and upper-class," Pattie Lamantia, owner of a wedding shop in town, told the source. "It's gotten much younger now."

With a median price of $456,500, homes are not necessarily cheap in the region, but the community's history of scholastic excellence and emerging young-family scene make it an attractive option for many. In fact, data compiled by a local real estate firm in August showed that demand was very strong in Radnor Township presently. According to a Home Market report, home sales in Radnor Township in August leapt 51.7 percent when compared to the same period in 2011.