Prepare your home for showing and get the highest possible asking price in Philly

When you make the decision to sell your real estate in Philadelphia, PA, you need to make sure your property looks its best and appeals to prospective buyers. The Philadelphia housing market has had its fair share of ups and downs in 2012, but with national unemployment rates falling and the economic forecast looking brighter, it may be the perfect time to market your home in the City of Brotherly Love.

Currently, the average asking price for a home in the Northern Liberties neighborhood of Philadelphia is $434,211, but sellers have been settling for lower premiums, according to ZipDataMaps. The average real estate sale price is well below the asking price at $265,021. With homeowners reducing their prices to relieve the responsibility of maintaining properties, many buyers have been able to take advantage of great deals. However, when you market your property, make sure you get all that you can for the home.

In some cases, you may get your desired asking price by designing the interior of your home in an appealing way. Prospective buyers are more likely to invest in houses they envision themselves inhabiting. If a property isn't well-kept and the design is lackluster, people won't want to move in let alone make a lucrative investment in the home.

It may seem strange, but decorating your home in specific ways may increase your bids and improve your chance of getting your asking price. When trying to sell your house, there are many different ways to make it more appealing, and in some cases, all you have to do is add some greenery, put up art and remove clutter.

The goal of any home seller is to get the best return on a housing investment. Therefore, you want to make the interior and exterior look as appealing as possible. Removing clutter can play a pivotal role in a sale, as crowded closet spaces and bedrooms may lead a prospect to think he or she will be cramped once he or she moves in. It may be worthwhile to remove unnecessary belongings from the home before any showing.

In addition, greenery like planets and flowers may bring positive energy into the home and make the house smell good. This lightens the atmosphere and creates a conducive setting for homebuyers and sellers to interact with each other. Consider revamping the interior of your home when selling your property in today's competitive housing market.