Philly included on list of the world's most dynamic cities

Every year, a larger share of the world's population lives in an urban center. According to a recent CBS article, more than half of us already do - and that proportion is expected to increase to three-quarters by 2050. Because of this trend, cities around the world are trying to find ways of adapting to larger populations. In their current state, some metros are more prepared than others, and people thinking of buying one of the homes for sale in Philadelphia, PA, should be happy to learn that the City of Brotherly Love is thought to be in good shape.

According to a special report by Foreign Policy, Philadelphia is among the 75 cities expected to be the most dynamic in the world in 2025. Based on population and gross domestic product (GDP), the news source compiled the list, which included cities from around the globe.

Coming in at 71, Philadelphia is predicted by the magazine to grow by three million people between now and 2025 as well as increase its GDP by a full one-third.

With these figures in mind, it is easy to see why Philadelphia is becoming an increasingly popular place to live. If you want to be in the area at the height of its dynamism, you may want to start looking for your dream house now.