Northern Liberties may be the perfect place to start a family

When you begin searching for real estate in Philadelphia, you may want to consider the up-and-coming Northern Liberties neighborhood. The town, which is located above Callowhill Street and below West Girard Avenue, is the perfect community for young professionals looking to start a family.

The neighborhood is small, taking up only one square-mile of Philadelphia, and it also borders the Delaware River. Homes for sale in Northern Liberties are listed at a median of $434,211, according to ZipDataMaps, but the actual median sale price is around $265,021. The difference in asking and sales price means many sellers are willing to settle in today's housing market, which gives first-time buyers the opportunity to purchase affordable properties.

In addition, the average median income is $27,899, according to the source, and with local test scores rated as "Average," families will be able to provide their children with adequate education options while living in the community.

Moving into your first home can be an exciting experience, but you'll want to make sure your new community is affordable and hosts a good school system. Northern Liberties offers all of that and more, so take a second to survey the available homes today.