Fairmount community offers youthful entertainment options

When you move into one of the houses for sale in Philadelphia, PA, you'll want to familiarize yourself with your surroundings immediately so you can take advantage of the various amenities.

If you've relocated to Fairmount Avenue, you may want to stop into Lemon Hill, located on 747 North 25th Street, for its Fairmount Project, which is made of gin, bonal, maraschino, fresh lemon, house blackberry syrup, mole and fees bitter. It's refreshing, citrusy and offers just a hint of spice at the end of each sip. The atmosphere at Lemon Hill can be a little upper class, but the drinks may keep you coming back for more.

In addition to the great local bars in the Fairmount community, you'll want to explore the various restaurants around each corner. Since the neighborhood is an up-and-coming spot, several new establishments have recently opened up.

Doma, located on 1822 Callowhill Street, is a Japanese restaurant that offers a vast array of seafood options like their famous signature sushi rolls. Whether you want to eat out for lunch or dinner, Doma offers you appetizing meals for a relatively affordable price. The signature sushi rolls are priced between $8 and $16 each.

Moving to Fairmount gives you the opportunity to enjoy new restaurants, shops and nightlife in one of Philadelphia's newest communities.