University of Central Florida sets enrollment, diversity records

The University of Central Florida (UCF), located in Orlando, set new records for enrollment, academic quality and diversity, according to the Orlando Business Journal. With property in college areas known to be a boon to real estate investors and parents alike, families with college-aged children should consider looking at homes for sale in Orlando.

As of the third week of the fall semester, the school's preliminary enrollment stood at 60,048. This would mark the first time that the 60,000 mark has been surpassed in the school's history in terms of total enrollment. Additionally, the early figures showed that the university's diversity continues to improve. The percentage of minorities at the school stood at 39.3 percent, up significantly from 27.4 percent just a decade ago.

The overall academic quality of the school continued to improve, particularly with the incoming freshman class. The new students' average SAT score is 1244 without the writing section and 1831 with the writing section, both of which would be second-highest totals in the school's history. The average 3.9 GPA would be tied for the highest ever. The freshman class also included 67 of the school's 241 National Merit Scholars, which would rank among the top 50 universities in the country for total number of scholars.

Real estate experts have cited college towns and areas with large student populations as being particularly hot housing markets. Many parents are buying property for their children to live in instead of paying in an inflated rental market or dealing with expensive on-campus housing. With the number of incoming students and the general upward trend of improvement in both quality and popularity at the University of Central Florida, parents should consider the region.

"There has always been a shortage of housing for students," said real estate expert Darla Jobkar, according to U.S. News Weekly. "For this reason, college and university real estate investments in this area over the years have been a huge success to both long-term and short-term investors."

In addition to being smart investments, parents can often look at different creative options with the property. For instance, defraying the cost of purchasing the house by leasing out open rooms to their kid's friends to serve as roommates could offer a significant payoff.