Orlando housing statistics point to stabilizing market

Houses for sale in Orlando are looking much more affordable as the real estate market in Florida continues to recover in 2012. Local housing statistics point to a general uptick in the region, and industry analysts are predicting the second half of the year will bring further improvements. If you are a potential homeowner searching for new property, there is no better time to look in central Florida.

Home sales

The Orlando Sentinel reported that the number of home sales in Lake County fell by 7 units when compared with April of 2011, but this minimal decrease is a sign of stability. Similar year-by-year statistics, especially over an extended period of time, point to satisfied buyers and stable interest in the region.

"The housing situation in the United States, while certainly not booming, is seeing some stability and possibly some gains," said S&P index chairman David Blitzer, according to The Los Angeles Times.

Home prices

The average home price in Lake County hovered at $128,494 in April 2012, according to the Orlando Sentinel, and this number was right in the middle compared to other counties. This is still much lower than the national average home value of $147,300, reported the Dacula Patch.