Orlando homeowners investing in sweat equity

With real estate values fluctuating among the volatile home buying market in recent years, owners and sellers are becoming more creative in efforts to raise the values of homes for sale in Orlando. This has led to an increase in the investment of sweat equity among Orlando houses.

According to Inman News, sweat equity refers to the endeavor made to boost the total value of a given property by making certain improvements. This could encompass any number of interior or exterior renovations.

"Of all the things that a homeowner can do to quickly increase the value of their home, painting is one of the best," said a spokesman at Central Florida's Superior Coatings. "...[A]s far as investments staying power is concerned, if the homeowner uses good-quality paint the finished work can easily last a few decades, and even longer."

Pouring sweat equity into a home may make it more desirable to prospective home buyers. While a fresh coat of paint can do wonders for the value of a home, the news source recommends being realistic about the work involved in such renovations, as well as the tempering of expectations.