Orlando earns spot on NAHB most-improved U.S. housing markets list

More people are considering their options and pursuing homes for sale in Orlando. The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) identified Orlando, Florida, as one of its most-improved housing markets in the United States, according to the organization's April 2012 First American Improving Markets Index (IMI). 

NAHB Chairman Barry Rutenberg notes that the index shows the country's improving housing market could help homeowners, especially those who obtain property in Orlando.

"While housing markets across the country continue to struggle under the weight of overly tight lending conditions and other challenges, the April IMI indicates that at least 101 individual metros are showing measurable and consistent signs that they are headed in the right direction," Rutenberg said.

Orlando ranked within the top 15 of the nation's most-improved markets, thanks to its rise in building permits, employment totals and home prices over the past six months, the Orlando Sentinel reports.

Home prices in the area reached their low in April 2011, but have seen a gradual increase by 2.7 percent since that time. Additionally, building-permit totals have risen 3.1 percent from their low point in May 2009, which may indicate that the region's economy is improving.

Low-priced homes could help stimulate the city, and may lead more people to consider property in the area. You can acquire many homes in Orlando for less than $86,000.

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