New stores open in Orlando and boost local economy

New business is typically a sign of a strengthening local economy. In conjunction with rising property values, increased construction and a growth in gross domestic product exports, the introduction of industry will help those that purchase one of the homes for sale in Orlando to remain financially strong.

For example, the first Wawa opened this summer in Orlando, the Orlando Business Journal reports. Located at 5910 Central Florida Parkway, the chain is known for its large following. The Pennsylvania brand is a one-stop convenience store and offers delicious, fresh sandwiches, coffee and a great deal more.

According to the company's corporate website, the business will soon open five more locations in the Orlando area. Each store will employ roughly 35 people with wages starting at $8 to $9 an hour, which will be ideal for area teens and other workers.

In addition to convenience stores, Orlando may soon see new construction firms, retail stores, pharmacies and other business, according to the occupational license data recently published by the Orlando Sentinel.